Ghost & Candy Corn Mini Cupcakes

Ghost & Candy Corn Mini Cupcakes

Who doesn't love a two-bite cupcake? These tiny treats are adorable and easy to make using the Wilton Royal Icing Ghost and Candy Corn decorations and the Wilton Mega Mini Muffin Pan. Great for Halloween party ideas, school functions or any time you need mini cupcakes that makes a huge impact for fun!
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  1. Prepare white cake batter according to recipe or directions. Using icing color, tint orange.
  2. Insert mini muffin cavities with baking cups; fill with tinted batter using mini batter spoon. Bake and cool according to recipe.
  3. Using violet and pink colors, tint icing purple.
  4. Using angled spatula, ice cupcakes.
  5. Place Ghost and Candy Corn icing decoration on top of cupcake.


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