Galentine's Day Waffle Cake

Galentine's Day Waffle Cake

No Galentine's Day brunch is complete without waffles! Topped and filled with lots of whipped cream, this waffle cake is just the crowning touch your Galentine's Day needs! Tint your waffle batter to make fun pink waffles, or just leave the batter as is for a waffle stack worthy of Leslie Knope herself!


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  1. Make waffles. Prepare waffle batter following recipe instructions. Using Pink icing color, tint batter pink. Make 5 waffles according to waffle iron directions. Cool on cooling grid.
  2. Assemble waffle layers. Place waffle on pedestal. Spread layer of non-dairy whipped topping over waffle; top with next waffle. Continue layering whipped topping and waffles until stack is completed. Do not cover top waffle with whipped topping.
  3. Tint whipped topping. Prepare one decorating bag with tip 1M and ¾ cup whipped topping. Set aside in refrigerator for later use.

    Divide remaining whipped topping into 5 equal portions. Combine Pink and Sky Blue icing colors to get pink color shown. Combine Orange, Red-Red and Ivory icing colors to get orange color shown. Combine Royal Blue, Sky Blue and Ivory icing colors to get blue color shown. Combine Kelly Green and Royal Blue icing colors to get green color shown. Combine Violet and Royal Blue icing colors to get purple color shown. Using color combinations provided, tint one portion each pink, orange, blue, green and purple, being careful not to overmix whipped topping.

  4. Decorate waffles. Prepare five decorating bags with tip 1M. Fill separately with pink, orange, blue, green and purple whipped topping. Alternating between reserved 1M bag with white topping and colored topping, pipe swirls around edge of top waffle.


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