Galaxy-Inspired Mirror Glaze Cake

Galaxy-Inspired Mirror Glaze Cake

A sweet and shiny glaze tops this Galaxy-Inspired Mirror Glaze Cake, giving it a glossy finish that's out of this world! Great for birthdays, showers or just because, this mirror glaze cake features glazes in three colors and is topped with edible accents that help give this cake movement and dimension. Use the Contour Pan to create a cake with round smooth edges, perfect for glazing.


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  1. Tint candy. Melt 5 oz. white candy according to package instructions. Using candy colors, tint candy following combinations provided:
    • Medium Blue: ¼ oz. melted white candy + Blue and Black candy colors
    • Dark Blue: 3 oz. melted white candy + Blue, Violet and Black candy colors
    • Purple: 1 1/2 oz. melted white candy + Violet, Pink and Black candy colors
  2. Make candy balls. For large ball, brush two to three strokes medium blue melted candy into medium cavity of Dome Mold. Let set, about 5 minutes. Using dark blue candy, continue making and assembling ball following package instructions. Reserve remaining dark blue candy for later step.

    For small ball, use purple melted candy to make ball following package instructions.

  3. Make candy bark. Spread remaining dark blue melted candy into non-stick sheet pan from Bake-N-Coat set; about 1/16 in. thick. Chill until set, about 10 to 15 minutes. Using sharp knife, cut triangles and strips, varying in size.
  4. Bake and cool cake. Bake and cool cake following recipe instructions. Cut board to fit 9 in. cake. Place cake on board and ice smooth with icing, building up icing about ½ in. on top of cake. Chill until ready to pour glaze.

    Helpful Hint: The Contour Pan works best for this cake, as it creates rounded edges on your cake. However, it’s not necessary. To get a nice rounded edge, place cake on turntable. After icing cake, bend acetate gently over edge and spin turntable, letting the acetate smooth and even out the icing.

  5. Make mirror glaze. Make mirror glaze following recipe instructions. Using icing colors, tint glaze following combinations provided:
    • Pink: 1½ cup glaze + Burgundy and Christmas Red icing colors
    • Purple: 1 cup glaze + Violet and Burgundy icing colors
    • Reserve remaining glaze white.
  6. Decorate cake. Place cake on cooling grid over baking sheet. Pour white glaze over entire cake. Pour pink glaze over 1/3 of cake. Pour purple glaze along line where pink and white glaze meet.

    Using angled spatula, gently swipe tinted glaze at a slight angle, allowing it to drip off the cake. Chill until set, about 15 minutes. Using spatula, remove drips on bottom of cake; place on serving plate.

    Sprinkle tinted side of cake with nonpareils. Arrange candy balls, gumball, chocolate candies and bark on tinted side of cake.

    Helpful Hint: If you can’t find silver gumballs, you can use Silver Color Mist Food Color Spray to tint a white gumball silver.


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