Floral Origami Cake

Floral Origami Cake

Floral Origami Cake
  • AmountCake serves 131.


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  1. In advance: Prepare cake base. Tint fondant rose. Prepare and cover cake base with 24 oz. fondant.
  2. Reserve remaining fondant. Bake and cool 2-layer cakes for 6 in. and 14 in. tiers and four 1-layer cakes for an 8 in. high 10 in. tier. Ice cakes smooth in rose. Prepare for stacked construction. Position on base board.
  3. Divide reserved rose fondant into four equal portions. Knead in 2 teaspoons Gum-Tex to every portion. Make dimensional triangles. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick, working one portion at a time. Cut circles using metal cutter. Place circles under storage board flap until ready to use. Divide circle into 3 sections; indent triangle shape on each circle 5/8 in. in from edge with plastic ruler. Fold circle edges up to form triangle.

    You will need 235 triangles, making six at a time.

  4. Starting at the bottom of cake, attach triangles side by side with piping gel, alternating wide side up, then down. Continue making and attaching triangles until all cake sides are covered. Attach sugar pearls to center points with piping gel.


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