Firecracker Red, White & Blue Popcorn

Firecracker Red, White & Blue Popcorn

Create a 4th of July treat that turns ordinary popcorn into a firecracker of a snack! Combine popcorn and mini marshmallows; melt and add Wilton Red and Royal Blue Candy Melts® Candy for the burst of color and fun. Great for picnics and parties, place the popcorn in individual cups or one giant serving bowl for all your guests to grab and enjoy!


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  1. Prepare popcorn mixture. Mix popcorn and mini marshmallows together and spread evenly in jelly roll pan.
  2. Melt Candy Melts Candy. Melt royal blue and red Candy Melts candy, separately, in disposable decorating bags according to package directions.
  3. Decorate popcorn mixture. Cut tips off ends of decorating bags and drizzle melted candy over popcorn mixture. Chill in refrigerator to set, 15-20 minutes.


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