Fancy Brunch Donut Sandwiches

Fancy Brunch Donut Sandwiches

Whether you're hosting a fancy brunch or an afternoon wedding shower, these Fancy Brunch Donut Sandwiches are a sweet and fun addition to your table. Prepare our tasty Sour Cream Cake Donut Recipe, then make donut sandwiches using our creamy decorator icing (or whatever filling you prefer!). Top with either a chocolate glaze or a dusting of confectioners' sugar for a sweet treat your guests will love!


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  1. Bake donuts. Prepare donuts following recipe instructions. Bake and cool.
  2. Fill donuts. Using knife, cut donuts in half horizontally. Using spatula, spread icing on one half of donut; top with other half.
  3. Decorate donuts. Prepare chocolate glaze following recipe instructions. Drizzle half of donut sandwiches with chocolate glaze. Dust other half with confectioners’ sugar.


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