Dipped Candies and Snacks

Dipped Candies and Snacks

It's easy to accent dipped candy with fun toppings. Immediately after dipping, roll the candy in your favorite topping and refrigerate. Chopped nuts, Wilton Sprinkles and Nonpareils, shredded coconut or cocoa powder are delicious choices.
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  1. Prepare treats to be dipped, if necessary. Most fruits should be washed and dried before dipping. If using pieces of bananas or apples, dip them first into lemon juice to prevent discoloration and allow to dry. In a bowl, melt desired amount of Candy Melts? following package directions.
  2. Hold strawberries and cherries by stems to dip in candy. For other fruit, pretzels and small cookies, use a fork or spoon from the candy dipping set.
  3. Place treats on cookie sheet covered with waxed or parchment paper. Refrigerate until firm.
  4. *Brand confectionery coating.


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