Cute Mini Pumpkin Pies

Cute Mini Pumpkin Pies

Fall's signature dessert looks even more sensational for the season when topped by an oak leaf-shaped crust. Bake the pies in the whoopie pie pan for a single-serve dessert your guests will love.
  • AmountEach pie serves 1.


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  1. Make crust. Prepare pie crust following recipe directions. Roll out crust on parchment dusted with flour. Use small (1 3/4 in.) oak leaf cutter to cut one leaf for each pie. Bake and cool leaves. Reserve remaining crust.
  2. Make pies. Prepare pumpkin pie filling following recipe directions. Use second largest (4 1/4 in.) circle cutter to cut six crusts. Press crusts in every other cavity of pan. Crimp edge with fork. Fill crusts with pie filling. Bake and cool pies. Position leaves.


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