Busy as a Beehive Cake

Busy as a Beehive Cake

If you're buzzing around from one task to another these days, this Busy as a Beehive Cake is for you! Easy to make and decorate, this bee-autiful cake is made using the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan and is embellished with cute fondant bees. A simple icing decoration makes this cake a crowning achievement for even beginning decorators, and would be great to serve for Mother's Day, a birthday or even for a mommy to bee!


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  1. One day in advance, make bees. Prepare fondant adhesive following recipe instructions.

    Combine Lemon Yellow with a touch of Golden Yellow, tint 1 in. ball fondant yellow. Divide equally into 8 to 10 portions (each portion will be one bee). Roll each portion into 3/8 in. ball; form into oval with fingers.

    Using uncooked spaghetti noodles, dip end of noodle into fondant adhesive; insert into body of bee. Place in craft foam to dry overnight. Repeat with all bees.

  2. Decorate bees. Using black FoodWriter marker, draw three lines on top of each bee body. Using craft knife, cut small slit into sides of each body. Carefully cut flat edge on smaller almonds with food-safe scissors. Dip cut edge into fondant adhesive; insert cut-side down into slits for wings.
  3. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cake in Wonder Mold pan. Level cake to height of pan.
  4. Decorate cake. Combine Lemon Yellow with a touch of Golden Yellow icing color to get icing colors shown. Ice cake, using tip of spatula to create swirl around cake.

    Helpful Hint: To make swirl easier, place cake on turntable and turn cake while slowly moving spatula up towards top of cake.

    Add bees to cake.


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