Bright and Bold Birthday Cupcakes

Bright and Bold Birthday Cupcakes

Color your world happy with these Bright and Bold Birthday Cupcakes. Decorated with icing pouches and colorful jimmies, these birthday cupcakes don't require any tinting or color matching, so they're quick and easy for any last-minute party. Use a simple rosette to decorate your cupcakes and you'll be party ready in no time!


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  1. Bake cupcakes. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cupcakes in color wheel cupcake liners.
  2. Ice cupcakes. Using icing pouch with star tip, pipe rosettes around outer edge and in center of cupcakes. Repeat for second layer of rosettes. Continue with remaining cupcakes, using one color per cupcake.
  3. Decorate cupcakes. Sprinkle cupcakes with matching jimmies.


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