Berry-licious Spatula Ribbon Cake

Berry-licious Spatula Ribbon Cake

This Berry-licious Spatula Ribbon Cake is bursting with berry goodness! Use a combination of icing colors to tint your icing a sweet berry purple, then use the tip of a spatula to add ribbons to the sides and top of the cake. Finally, garnish with your favorite berries for a sweet dessert that's perfect for spring and summer entertaining! You can see this cake and many more in the How to Decorate Cakes & Desserts kit, filled with lots of tutorials, inspiration and even a few must-have tools for cake decorating.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool three cake layers. Trim one layer to 1 in. high.
  2. Tint icing. Prepare two recipes icing following recipe instructions. Combine Rose and Sky Blue icing colors to get magenta color shown. Using color combinations provided, tint icing magenta. Level, fill and stack cake layers for 5 in. high cake.
  3. Decorate cake. Place cake on turntable. Spatula ice cake smooth using magenta icing. To form ribbons, place tip of spatula on bottom side of cake. Carefully move tip of spatula up as cake spins on turntable. Continue until sides of cake are complete.

    For top of cake, place tip at edge of cake and move spatula towards center as cake spins on turntable.

    Garnish bottom of cake with berries and mint leaves.


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