Beautiful Buttercream Dahlia Cake

Beautiful Buttercream Dahlia Cake

A simple arrangement of piped buttercream dahlias turns this Buttercream Dahlia Cake into something truly beautiful. Perfect for a Sunday brunch, a Mother's Day celebration or a bridal shower, this cake features simple decorations and a subtle touch of feminine flowers to help add to the wow factor. Specialty decorating tip 81 helps give these dahlias their distinct look and makes the flowers look like they're actually blooming on the cake!
  • Amount24 Servings


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  1. Bake and cool cake. Bake and cool cake following recipe instructions; level. Place cake on surface, cut side down.
  2. Tint icing. Tint 1/4 cup icing each light pink, dark pink and green following color combinations provided. Reserve remaining ¼ cup icing white. Set green icing aside for later step.

    Using light pink, dark pink and white icing, pipe 1 to 2 dahlia flowers in each color. Freeze until set, about 2 to 3 hours.

    *Combine Burgundy and Pink icing colors to make light pink and dark pink colors shown. Combine Leaf Green and Ivory icing colors to get green color shown.

  3. Decorate cake. Prepare glaze following recipe instructions. Spoon glaze over top of cake, letting glaze drip down sides and pool at base. Let set until dry, about 30 minutes. Dust with confectioners’ sugar.

    Using remaining icing, attach dahlia flowers to cake. Sprinkle with Sugar Pearls and jimmies.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 352 and reserved green icing. Pipe leaves around dahlia flowers.


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