Under the Sea Cake

Under the Sea Cake

Life is the bubbles under the sea! Featuring a whole school of nautical creatures, this Under the Sea Cake is perfect for a first birthday party or ocean-themed celebration. Use fondant to make your adorable sea creatures, corals and shells, then arrange them on your cake for a dessert that's sure to make waves at your next party!
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  1. Three days in advance, prepare fondant. Add 1 tablespoon Gum Tex to 24 oz. box of white fondant. Let set, 24 hours.
  2. Two days in advance, tint fondant. Using icing colors, tint fondant (with Gum Tex) in the following shades:

    • Narwhal – Using Royal Blue icing color, tint 3 oz. fondant light blue
    • Stingray – Using Royal Blue icing color, tint 1.1 oz. fondant dark blue
    • Turtle – Using Kelly Green icing color, tint 1.2 oz. fondant light green
    • Crab – Using Red-Red icing color, tint 1.1 oz. fondant light red
    • Seahorse – Using Teal and Kelly Green icing colors, tint 1.1 oz. fondant dark teal
    • Shark – Using Violet icing color, tint 2.2 oz. fondant purple
    • Eyes – Using Black icing color, tint ½ in. ball fondant dark gray
    • Coral, Fish and Plants – Divide remaining fondant into seven equal portions. Using Kelly Green, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Royal Blue, Orange, Creamy Peach and Violet icing colors, tint one portion each light green, light yellow, light pink, light blue, light orange, light peach and light purple.

    Reserve remaining fondant white.


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