Sprinkle Bunny Cupcakes

Sprinkle Bunny Cupcakes

Brightly colored cupcakes stand out on your Easter dessert buffet. Wilton nonpareil sprinkle and icing decorations add the burst of bright color and fun.
  • Amount24 Cupcakes


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  1. NEEDED: See the Supply List for items you can purchase here. You will also need:
    • Your favorite cupcake recipe or mix for 24 cupcakes
    • Small bowl or container
  2. Bake and cool cupcakes. Use your favorite cupcake recipe or mix to make 24 cupcakes.
  3. Prepare sprinkles. Mix together 2 tablespoons of each sprinkle variety.
  4. Ice and decorate cupcakes. Ice cupcakes and immediately press sprinkle mixture on top. Attach a bunny icing decoration with a dot of icing.


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