Shipping Information

Orders placed on are usually shipped within 5-7 Days.



Standard and Expedited shipping options vary by delivery destination. Available shipping options will be displayed at checkout.

Orders may arrive in more than one package.

The following table lists shipping options for qualifying consumer orders.


(excludes business customers and large consumer orders)
Delivery Destination Type Shipper/Method Base Shipping Rate Approx. Delivery Time
Continental United States
(48 states and D.C.)
Standard UPS Economy $7.95 flat rate or
qualifying order of $49.95 or more: Free
5-8 business days
Expedited UPS Standard $9.95 flat rate 1-5 business days
Alaska and Hawaii Standard UPS Ground $19.95 flat rate 2-6 weeks
U.S. APO/FPO Standard UPS Ground $19.95 flat rate 3-14 business days
U.S. Territories Standard UPS Ground $19.95 flat rate 3-14 business days
Canada Standard UPS Ground $21.95 flat rate Varies by location - usually arrives within 10 business days

Delivery Within the United States

Flat Rate Standard Shipping: Consumer orders totaling less than $49.95 (before taxes and after discounts) qualify for flat rate Standard shipping. Flat rate for Alaska and Hawaii is $3.00 more than flat rate for continental U.S.


Free Standard Shipping: Consumer orders totaling $49.95 or more (before taxes and after discounts) qualify for free Standard shipping.

Not available for delivery to Alaska or Hawaii, U.S. APO or FPO, or U.S. Territories.

Delivery to Canada

Most products can be shipped to Canada with the exception of select food and licensed products.

Consumer is responsible for paying all tariffs, duties, and taxes.

Any order refused by recipient on delivery will be subject to a restocking fee of 20%.


Free Standard Shipping/Flat Rate Shipping/Expedited Shipping: Not available.


Other Standard Shipping: Shipping rates and available options for Canadian international orders will be presented at checkout and are based on weight.

Delivery Outside the United States and Canada

Not available. To find a local source for Wilton products, email
Wilton reserves the right to change the above shipping terms and conditions, including applicable shipping rates and fees, at any time for any reason without notice.