Party Animal Birthday Cake

Party Animal Birthday Cake

Bunnies and bears and badgers, oh my! Decorated using the DIY-Lish Cute Critters Kit, this Party Animal Birthday Cake is wild and wacky fun! Mix up your favorite colors and piping techniques to create little hats for each animal on your cake, then top it off with a personalized message and some piped buttercream sprinkles. From one to one hundred, this cake is a great way to celebrate any party animal!
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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Trim, fill and stack layers for 4 in. high cake.

    Using white icing, ice cake smooth.

  2. Make fondant decorations. Using instructions in DIY-Lish Cute Critters Kit, make three sets of each animal (12 animals total), setting all animal ears aside for later step.

    Attach animal faces (without ears) to side of cake, approximately 1¼ in. apart and ¼ in. from bottom.

  3. Tint icing. Tint 1 cup white icing yellow and 1 cup white icing dark purple using color combinations provided. Combine Lemon Yellow and a touch of Golden Yellow icing colors to get yellow color shown. Combine Violet and Rose icing colors to get dark purple color shown.

    Using Rose icing color, tint 1 cup icing rose. Using Teal icing color, ting 1½ cups icing teal.

  4. Decorate cake. Prepare four decorating bags with couplers. Fill separately with yellow, dark purple, rose and teal icing.

    Using prepared bags with tip 3, pipe party hats on animals. Hats should measure about 1 in. tall and 1¼ in. wide. Decorate as desired using dots, zigzags and lines.

    Using damp brush, attach ears to cake.

    For message, prepare teal decorating bag with tip 5. Pipe message.

    For pom-poms on tops of hats and sprinkles, prepare all bags with tip 2. Use pull-out dot technique to form pom-poms. Alternating colors, pipe ½ in. long sprinkles on top and sides of cake.


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