Painted Christmas Gingerbread House

Painted Christmas Gingerbread House

This season, create a winterrific Christmas gingerbread house with panels that are covered with thinned royal icing, painted with Icing Colors and accented with FoodWriter Edible Color Markers. Have fun building the house using cookie panels and icing included in our Unassembled Gingerbread Cottage Kit.
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  1. Note:*Royal Icing takes at least 8 hours to dry so you will want to start your projects at least 1 day before serving.

    Cover house panels with icing. Prepare royal icing and thin according to meringue powder package directions. Position cookie house panels on cooling grid over cookie sheet. Use thinned royal icing and a cut disposable decorating bag to cover panels. Gently tap grid to smooth and remove excess icing. Let dry, about 24 hours.

  2. Assemble house. Use icing from kit to assemble house according to kit instructions. Let dry, about 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Decorate door. In candy melting plate, thin lemon yellow, leaf green, sky blue, rose and orange icing colors with water for painting details. Use toothpick to mark bow, trees, front door and windows on all sides of house. Use brush and thinned lemon yellow icing color to paint window area of door. Let set, about 5 minutes. Use black FoodWriter edible color marker to outline door, doorknob and door window. Use brush and thinned leaf green icing color to paint pine border around door. Let set, about 5 minutes. Use black edible color marker to draw needle lines on pine border.
  4. Decorate windows. Paint yellow window areas as above. Let set, about 5 minutes. Use black edible color marker to draw frame, windowpanes and highlights on all windows. Use marker to draw wavy line around window for light wire. Use brush and thinned green, blue, rose, yellow and orange icing colors to paint bulbs. Use black marker to outline bulbs and draw dot highlights. Paint green pine border and draw black needles as above.
  5. Decorate bow and trees. Use brush and thinned icing colors to separately paint red bow area and green tree area. Use black marker to outline and add detail to bow and trees.
  6. Decorate roof. Draw light wire, then paint and outline bulbs on roof and eaves as for windows. Add dot highlights.


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