Officially Fall Painted Leaf Cookies

Officially Fall Painted Leaf Cookies

The time is right to bake and create the prettiest "painted" leaf cookies that match the falling leaves of the season. Use the fun variety of cookie cutter shapes in the sets and your favorite fall colors to paint directly on the iced cookies. Serve them on rustic plates to show off their seasonal flair.


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  1. Make cookies. Prepare and roll out cookie dough following recipe directions. Use assorted cutters from sets to cut cookies. Bake and cool cookies.
  2. Ice cookies. Prepare Royal icing following recipe directions. Thin icing with water, place icing in disposable decorating bag. Cut tip and pipe icing on tops of cookies but not over edges. Let set 24 hours.
  3. Decorate cookies. Thin icing colors slightly with lemon extract and paint colors on leaves. Paint veins and dots. Let dry.


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