Leaf Inside Loaf Cake

Leaf Inside Loaf Cake

Cut into this delicious pound cake for a fall surprise—a colorful maple leaf design in every slice! Use the leaves and acorns cutter set to cut the orange or red shapes, then stand them up in your white batter.
  • AmountCake serves 12.


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  1. Make leaf cakes. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Set aside 3 cups batter for cake. Divide remaining batter into 1 1/2 cup portions. Tint one portion red and one portion orange.

    For leaves, pour red batter on one half of sheet pan and orange batter on other half of pan (thick batter will keep colors separated). Use spatula to evenly spread batter to corners. Bake and cool cake following recipe directions.

    Unmold cake. Use medium (2 1/2 in.) maple leaf cutter to cut eight or nine leaves in each color, rotating cutter as needed to use as much of the cake as possible. Use knife to trim off stems.

    For loaf cake, trace bottom of loaf pan onto parchment. Use scissors to cut parchment. Place parchment in bottom of loaf pan; spray with cake pan spray. Place leaves upright in loaf pan, alternating colors and covering entire length of pan. Use reserved batter in cut decorating bags to fill pan around leaves. Bake and cool cake following recipe directions.

  2. Drizzle cake. Prepare treat glaze according to package directions. Use treat glaze in cut decorating bag to drizzle over top of cake.


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