How to Pipe a Shell with a Zig-Zag Border

How to Pipe a Shell with a Zig-Zag Border

The shell with a zigzag piped over the top makes a unique border that’s simple to pipe! Create your own distinctive borders using multiple icing colors or tip combinations. You can also combine different colors or stick with one shade for a more classic look. An easy buttercream border you can pipe on the top or bottom of your cake, this shell with zig-zag design combines two simple techniques for one amazing look!
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  1. To form a shell: Prepare decorating bag with a star tip 32 and medium consistency icing. Hold the decorating bag at a 45° angle with the back of the bag facing you, tip slightly above the surface.
  2. Squeeze hard, letting icing fan out generously as it forces the tip up.
  3. Add egg yolks, one at a time, mixing well after each addition.
  4. Gradually relax pressure as you the lower tip, at the same time pulling the bag toward you until the tip reaches the surface.
  5. Stop squeezing and pull the tip along the surface to form a point.
  6. To make a continuous shell border: Start your next shell so that the fanned end just covers the tail of the preceding shell to form a chain.
  7. To make zig-zag: Prepare decorating bag with tip 14 and medium consistency icing. Pipe the zigzag accent by holding the decorating tip to the right (left for left-handed decorators) with the tip lightly touching the top corner of the fanned edge.
  8. Squeeze and glide the tip diagonally from the fan to the tail in an even tight side to side motion, maintaining constant pressure. Move your whole arm, not your wrist and keep even spacing as you go.
  9. Stop squeezing and pull the tip away.


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