Fresh Berry Trifle

Fresh Berry Trifle

Great for summer, spring or any time you want a little something sweet and refreshing, this Fresh Berry Trifle is a great dessert that everyone will love. Layers of whipped icing, berries and cake come together to create a sweet and light dessert that's great for any occasion! You can see this trifle and many more in the How to Decorate Cakes & Desserts kit, filled with lots of tutorials, inspiration and even a few must-have tools for cake decorating.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Prepare trifle. Prepare berry trifle and Whipped Icing Mix following recipe instructions. Layer ingredients, making sure cake is top and final layer. Reserve remaining whipped icing.

    Helpful Hint: Use cut bag to pipe whipped icing between layers.

  2. Decorate trifle. Prepare two decorating bags separately with tips 21 and 2A. Fill with remaining whipped icing. Pipe rosettes, dots and stars to cover trifle. Top with various blueberries, raspberries and edible flowers, if desired.


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