Football Edible Shot Glasses

Football Edible Shot Glasses

These tasty Football Edible Shot Glasses are sure to be a touchdown at your big game day. Fill these little cups with ice cream or your favorite liquor for a treat anyone is sure to love. Made using Candy Melts candy, these edible glasses can stay out at room temperature without you having to worry about them melting.
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  1. Melt candy. Melt dark cocoa candy following package instructions. Transfer to decorating bag; cut small tip in bag.
  2. Make shot glasses. Pipe melted dark cocoa candy into silicone mold. Lightly tap mold on surface to release air bubbles. Place mold on cookie sheet for support. Chill until set, about one hour.
  3. Decorate shot glasses. Once candy is set, unmold glasses. Melt white candy. Transfer melted candy to decorating bag; cut small tip.

    Pipe one white line vertically down shot glass and four short lines horizontally over vertical line. Let sit until set, about 10 minutes.


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