Fondant Daisy

Fondant Daisy

A fun, casual flower found in a variety of colors. Can be a single cut-out or multi-layered flower, flat or cupped, positioned directly on the cake arranged in a group as a bouquet.


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  1. Using icing color, tint small amount of fondant yellow for flower center. On Roll-N-Cut Mat or clean surface, knead white rolled fondant to make it pliable; tint petal color. Using Fondant Roller, roll out fondant to 1/8 in. thick. Cut two daisy shapes using Daisy Cut- Out to make a multi-layered flower.
  2. When not working with them, place daisy shapes under flap of Storage Board or cover with plastic wrap. Place one daisy shape on thin or medium foam dusted with cornstarch. Starting at pointed end, run large end of veining tool down the center of each petal. Repeat with second daisy shape.
  3. If desired, cup daisy. Place daisy shape on thick foam dusted with cornstarch. Lightly press ball tool into the center of blossom.
  4. Brush center of bottom daisy with damp brush (dip in water, then blot on paper towel). Attach second daisy on top of first so petals are positioned in-between petals of first daisy.
  5. Roll yellow fondant into a ball and flatten; the shape should be large enough to cover the flower center. Attach to center of daisy using damp brush. Once assembled, attach to your cake, dry daisy flat on cornstarch-dusted surface or place in 3-in. Flower Forming Cup to dry.


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