Festive Florals Cupcakes

Festive Florals Cupcakes

Welcome spring with sprays of royal icing flowers! Set over your iced cupcakes, they'll create an edible centerpiece for a family dinner, shower or dessert table.
  • AmountEach cupcake serves 1.


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  1. In advance: Make flowers and calyxes using royal icing (make extras of all to allow for breakage). Make 134 tip 2D (large) drop flowers and 98 tip 131 (small) drop flowers, all with tip 4 dot centers. Let dry. Make 232 calyxes. On waxed paper squares, pipe tip 4 cone shapes about 1/2 in. high. Make a hook in one end of wire and push into cone. Smooth with damp brush to taper around wire. Insert other end of wire into craft block and let dry. Attach drop flowers to calyxes with dots of icing; let dry.
  2. Make Base Bouquets, Sprays and Side Sprays as indicated and assemble 9 floral cascades and 4 floral bouquets using floral tape. Add extra flowers if desired. Trim excess wire lengths, leaving 1 3/4 in. of taped wires for inserting into dowel rods.
  3. Ice cupcakes smooth in buttercream. Cut plastic dowel rods into 13 pieces, 1 1/4 in. long; insert in cupcakes. Position cupcakes on stand. Position flower cascades in dowel rods. Trim stems if necessary.


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