Easy Layers! Heart Cake

Easy Layers! Heart Cake

Show off how much you love to bake by making a striking 5-layer chocolate cake. The black icing for the cake sides is easy to achieve using the Color Right Performance Black Color Refill. Cover the top with white icing decorations using a variety of decorating tips. Serve this cake to your gal pals or family.


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  1. Bake cakes. Bake and cool five cake layers according to pan directions. Level cakes in pan.
  2. Assemble cake Use white icing to stack and fill layers. Ice lightly in white icing.
  3. Tint icing. Use Color Right color and QuickCount color formula to tint icing in the following shade:
    • Black: 2 cups icing + 70 BK
    • Reserve 4 cups icing white
  4. Decorate cake sides. Prepare two decorating bags with tip 2A; fill one with white icing, and fill one with black icing. Pipe alternating color lines of icing around cake sides. Smooth cake sides with Icing Smoother.
  5. Decorate cake top. Use white icing and tips 1M, 2A, 6 and 18 to pipe random swirls, rosettes, dots and stars over top of cake.


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