Easy Blooms Floral Sheet Cake

Easy Blooms Floral Sheet Cake

Don't have time to pipe buttercream flowers on your cake? Use the Easy Blooms tips to make beautiful roses and mums with just one squeeze! This Easy Blooms Floral Sheet Cake is a great way to show off your decorating skills (and no one has to know your piping secret!). Make it for an upcoming birthday or surprise mom on Mother's Day with this elegant and super easy sheet cake recipe.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cake in oblong pan.
  2. Ice cake. Using spatula, ice top and sides of cake with buttercream icing.
  3. Tint creamy white icing. Tint 1 cup white icing each dark-dark green, dark green, yellow-green and light teal using color combinations provided. Using Moss Green icing color, tint remaining cup icing moss green.
  4. Tint icing. Using Christmas Red icing color, tint 3 cups vanilla decorator icing red. Tint additional 3 cups decorator icing magenta using color combination provided. Combine Rose with a touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get magenta color shown.
  5. Decorate cake. Prepare 12 in. decorating bag with tip 32 and ½ cup magenta icing. Pipe star border along bottom edge of cake.

    Prepare 12 in. decorating bag with tip 4B and ½ cup red icing. Set aside.

    Prepare four 16 in. decorating bags individually with Easy Blooms tips. Fill smaller tip bags with combination of red and magenta icing. Fill larger tip bags separately with red and magenta icing.

    Using bags with tip 4B and Easy Blooms tips, pipe stars and flowers on cake.


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