Blooming Floral Cake Pops

Blooming Floral Cake Pops

Give your cake pops life with this Blooming Floral Cake Pops project. By using icing and a variety of petal tips, you can turn cake pops into lovely spring flowers, great for serving for Mother's Day, decorating a wedding cake or even packaging as edible favors for a party or celebration. Use your favorite chocolate, vanilla or red velvet cake recipe as the base, then have fun decorating your cake pops with the quick and easy spring project!


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  1. Prepare cake pops. Prepare medium cake pops following recipe instructions. Melt Red Candy Melts candy according to package instructions. Following recipe, dip lollipop sticks into melted candy, then into cake pops; chill until set. Dip chilled cake pops into melted candy. Transfer to craft block. Chill until set, 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Tint icing. Divide canned icing into five equal portions. Using Pink icing color, tint one portion pink. Tint remaining portions deep burgundy, medium magenta, medium red and dark red using color combinations provided. Combine Burgundy and Rose icing colors to get deep burgundy color shown. Combine Rose and touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get medium magenta color shown. Combine Red-Red and touch of Rose icing colors to get medium and dark red colors shown.

    Prepare five decorating bags with couplers. Fill each bag separately with different color icing.

  3. Decorate cake pops. Use following tips to make dahlia, zinnia or carnation, as shown.

    Tip 61 (dahlia): Prepare desired decorating bag with tip 61. Starting at bottom of cake pop with stick facing away from you, pipe inverted “U” shaped petals around entire cake pop. Repeat, piping rows and straightening cake pop stick slightly with each row. The stick should be straight down by the last three rows of petals. Holding bag straight up, fill in center petals.

    Tip 102 (zinnia): Prepare desired decorating bag with tip 102. Repeat steps for dahlia flower.

    Tip 103 (carnation): Prepare desired decorating bag with tip 103. Starting at top of cake pop, pipe short loose zig-zag around center of cake pop. Continue piping short zig-zags, covering top of cake pop. To prevent spaces, tuck each petal underneath the previous one.


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