Cross Cake

Cross Cake

Create a stunning floral cross cake with a lovely embroidered look for an Easter to remember. Use muted nature-inspired colors or choose your own colors to create a custom look. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that’s also great for baptisms, christenings and baby showers.
  • AmountCake serves 16.


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  1. Bake Pan.Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool. Level to top of cake pan.
  2. Tint icing.Combine Leaf Green with a touch of Juniper Green to get mossy green color shown. Combine Leaf Green and Ivory to get pale green color shown. Combine Kelly Green and Juniper to get blue green color shown. Combine Kelly Green, Royal Blue and a touch of Black to get rich blue color shown. Combine Rose and Red-Red to get deep pink color shown. Combine a very small amount of Royal Blue and Violet to get pale blue color shown.

    Tint ½ cup icing each mossy green, pale green, blue green, rich blue, deep pink and pale blue using color combinations provided.

    Using a touch of Christmas Red icing color, tint ½ cup icing light pink. Using a touch of Lemon Yellow icing color, tint ½ cup icing pale yellow.

    Reserve remaining icing white.

  3. Prepare bags. Prepare 9 decorating bags with couplers. Fill each bag with a different color and the 9th bag with white icing.

    Using remaining white icing, ice cake smooth.

  4. Decorate Cake.Using prepared bags and alternating between tips, pipe flowers and leaves to cover cake.

    For pink roses, attach tip 3 to pale pink bag. Outline and fill in circle, smoothing with spatula. Attach tip 1 to bright pink bag. Pipe petal lines. Attach tip 1 to pale green bag. Pipe a cluster of dots for center.

    For other flowers, pipe and smooth petaled flowers, and pipe bead flowers. Pipe details with tip 1 and another color of icing.

    Pipe stems and leaves in various colors with tip 1 and 2. Smooth leaves with spatula.

    Attach tip 2 to white bag. Pipe dots randomly around cake.


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