Cookie Bunnies in Spring Colors!

Cookie Bunnies in Spring Colors!

Just in time for Easter, these bunny treats are showing hop couture! Cut with the PEEPS Cookie Cutter Set, their fondant coats are done in cool pastels and textured with the Pattern Embosser Set and decorating tips.
  • AmountEach cookie serves 1.


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  1. Make cookies 1 day in advance. Prepare and roll out cookie dough following recipe directions. Use bunny cutter from set to cut shapes. Bake and cool cookies.
  2. Make imprinted cookie toppers. Tint 4 oz. fondant each violet, rose, blue and green. Use fondant roller with purple guide rings to roll out fondant colors, separately, 1/8 in. thick. Use pattern and detail embossers to imprint various patterns on sections of fondant. Designs shown here use dotted, burlap, woven, lace, wavy and stitch embosser rollers or wheels. Use bunny cutter to cut one fondant shape for each cookie.
  3. Decorate imprinted topper cookies. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Use cut disposable decorating bag with white icing to outline and pipe in cookie, about 1/4 in.. from edge. Use spatula to smooth. Position cut fondant shape on cookie. For tails, roll matching color balls of fondant, 3/4 in. dia. Flatten slightly and imprint with various tips or detail embosser wheels. Use damp brush to attach tail to cookie.
  4. Decorate layered fondant cookies. Use fondant roller with pink guide rings to roll out rose fondant 1/16 in. thick. Use narrow end of tip 2A to cut about 60 circles for each cookie. Pipe in cookie with icing and smooth with spatula as above. Attach circles, starting at bottom of cookie and overlapping each row until cookie is covered, trimming circles as needed. For tail, roll a ball of rose fondant, 3/4 in. dia. Use narrow end of tip 6 to imprint tail. Use damp brush to attach tail to cookie.


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