Colorfully Simple Cake

Colorfully Simple Cake

Learn how to make a cake worth celebrating with this Colorfully Simple Cake. Great for birthday celebrations, weddings and bridal showers, anniversaries and more, this striking cake can easily be customized to suite your color palette. Use the Color Right Performance Color System to perfectly match your color choices and create a colorful cake that will tie your whole celebration together.
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  1. Ingredients:

    • Favorite cake mix or recipe (12 cups batter needed)
    • Buttercream Icing Recipe (6½ cups icing needed)
    • Color Right Performance Color System

    Colors Tinted:

    Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint icing in the following shades:

    • Teal: ½ cup white icing + 1Y + 4B
    • Orange: ½ cup white icing + 1R + 7Y + 7O
    • Pink: ½ cup white icing + 1O + 4P
    • Blue: ½ cup white icing + 2P + 4R + 12B

    Reserve remaining icing white.

  2. Bake cakes. Bake and cool three 2 in. cake layers for 6 in. high cake.
  3. Prepare icing. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Reserve two cups icing for later step. With remaining 4½ cups icing, level, fill, stack and ice cake on cake circle.
  4. Mark pattern on cake.

    Bottom Scallops: Prepare cake marker with two pins, placed at the 1½ in. and 2½ in. positions. Using additional cake circles, raise cake so bottom pin is ½ in. from bottom of cake. Press pins into icing. Move marker 1¼ in. to right; mark again. Repeat around entire cake. Remove one pin. Position remaining pin at 2 in.; make marks between previous markings. Repeat around entire cake.

    Middle Lines: Remove additional cake boards; place cake on level surface. Prepare cake marker with three pins, placed at the 1¾ in., 2½ in. and 3¼ in. positions. Mark lines in icing, moving marker horizontally and turning cake as needed. Remove one pin. Position remaining pins to 4 in. and 4¾ in. positions. Repeat; marking lines in icing.

    Top Scallops: For top scallops, place pins at 4¾ in. and 5¾ in. positions. Repeat same process at bottom, lining marker up vertically with bottom markings. Remove one pin. Position remaining pin at 5¼ in.; continue making marks between previous markings. Repeat around entire cake.

  5. Tint icing. Tint icing following formulas provided. Prepare four decorating bags with tip 3 and tinted icing. Place cake on turntable.
  6. Decorate cake. Pipe horizontal lines, starting at top and working down (teal, blue, pink, blue, teal).

    For bottom scallops, position tip directly under teal line. Using markings, pipe ½ in. deep scallop, alternating colors. For second and third rows, stagger scallops between scallops of previous row. Repeat for top, creating inverted scallops in alternating colors.

    Makes 20 servings.


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