Christmas Wreath Cookies

Christmas Wreath Cookies

Whether you're making a cookie tray for the holidays or hosting Christmas dinner, these Christmas Wreath Cookies are a lovely addition to your table. Decorated with bright red rosettes and little bows, these wreath cookies are almost too pretty to eat. You could even use these for a winter bridal shower or wedding. An easy project for beginners, these Christmas cookies are sure to become a holiday favorite.
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  1. Bake cookies. Prepare cookie dough following recipe instructions. Roll dough to 1/8 in. thick. Using “A” cut-out, cut out cookies. Using “E” cut-out, cut out center of each round cookie. Bake and cool cookies.
  2. Tint icing. Tint 1/3 cup icing red, dark green and light green using color combinations provided. Combine Christmas Red and Red-Red icing colors to get red color shown. Combine Royal Blue and Juniper Green icing colors to get dark green color shown. Combine Moss Green and Lemon Yellow icing colors to get light green color shown. Reserve remaining icing white.
  3. Decorate cookies. Prepare four decorating bags as follows: tip 16 with red icing, coupler with light green icing, tip 67 with dark green icing, and tip 4 with white icing.

    Using tapered spatula, ice cakes lightly with white icing. Using bag with white icing, pipe four equally spaced bead flowers on each cookie. Prepare light green bag with tip 3; pipe centers of flowers.

    Using red icing with tip 16, pipe rosettes between flowers.

    Using dark green bag with tip 67, pipe leaves. Switch light green bag to tip 352; pipe leaves.

    Add icing decoration to each cookie.


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