Candy Corn Shot Glasses

Candy Corn Shot Glasses

Spice up the night with candy corn shot glasses served in containers guests can devour, making cleanup easy and delicious.
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  1. Infuse vodka Pour vodka into resealable container. Add candy corn and let stand at room temperature overnight, shaking occasionally. Chill completely before serving in candy shot glasses.
  2. Make Candy Shot Glasses: Fill disposable decorating bag with melted bright white Candy Melts candy. Divide evenly among the cavities of 8-cavity silicone shot glass mold, taking care to not get any candy on the sides of the mold. Repeat process with orange and yellow candy melts candy.
  3. Refrigerate until candy is set, about 30 minutes.
  4. Carefully remove candy glasses from mold and fill with candy corn infused vodka when ready to serve.


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