Buttercream Bunny Cookies

Buttercream Bunny Cookies

Somebunny loves you, so do something special for them this Easter! These buttercream bunny cookies are sure to put a smile on their face and a spring in their step.
  • AmountAbout 1 dozen cookies


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  1. NEEDED: See the Supply List for our Roll-Out Cookie recipe plus items you can purchase here. You will also need:
    • Corn starch
    • Toothpick
  2. One day in advance: Bake cookies. Make up our Roll-Out Cookie recipe. Using the largest square cutter to cut shapes, bake and cool cookies.
  3. One day in advance: Tint stiff consistency buttercream icing. Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint the following shades:

    • Crimson: 1/ 4 Cup White Icing + 1 CR
      For this concentrated shade, mix 1 tablespoon concentrated color with 1/4 cup white icing.
    • Caribbean Reef: 1/ 4 Cup White Icing + 1 B + 1 Y
      For this concentrated shade, mix 1 tablespoon concentrated color with 1/4 cup white icing.
    • Sand: 1/ 4 Cup White Icing + 7 Y + 1 R + 4 BR
      For this concentrated shade, mix 1 tablespoon concentrated color with 1/4 cup white icing.

    NOTE: Reserve 1/4 cup to combine with tinted shades, as well as 1/2 cup white and 1/2 cup chocolate for figure piping.

  4. Ice cookies. Fill decorating bags with a mixture of white, Crimson, Sand, and Caribbean Reef-colored icings. Cut bag about the size of tip 12 and pipe dots onto cookies. Smooth icing with spatula. Clean up edges using the side of the spatula.
  5. Pipe bunny body. Hint: Figure pipe onto parchment paper and freeze finished bunnies, then place them on your cookie for easier centering, but feel free to pipe directly on the iced cookies if you prefer.

    Using a cut decorating bag and standard coupler, fill with white or chocolate icing and fit with tip 10. Apply heavy pressure, starting at the bunny’s butt moving up to the curve of his back. Lighten pressure slightly as you approach the bunny’s neck. Then, pipe the head, ending at the nose and releasing pressure around the eye area. Add additional icing to fluff up the bunny’s chest area, applying light pressure and finishing with a swooping motion.

  6. Pipe hind leg. Tip: If you want the bunny to resemble the chocolate bunny Easter candy, pipe a narrow triangle below the bunny’s chest (narrowest point facing down). Pat smooth with cornstarch-dipped finger. This creates a solid chocolate bunny shape.

    Using tip 6, pipe a "2" shape starting at the bunny’s butt to make the hind leg and foot.

  7. Pipe tail. Pipe, building up icing and jiggling the decorating bag as you pipe a cotton tail.
  8. Pipe ears. Next, pipe elongated bead ears. Start with the back ear, piping from top going down toward the head, then pipe front ear overlapping the previous.
  9. Add texture. Using a toothpick and very light pressure, add some furry texture all around the rabbit, swirling the toothpick throughout the tail, body and legs. Use a straight line sliding movement on the face and ears to creating sweeping hair-like lines. Pat smooth any peaks with cornstarch-dipped finger.
  10. Add detail to the face. Dip wide end on veining tool in cornstarch. Use back side of veining tool to give indent to inner ear. Using tip 3, pipe dot eye. Use a toothpick to make little angled marks for the nose, mouth and whiskers.


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