Bright Summer Buttercream Cake

Bright Summer Buttercream Cake

Summer just got a whole lot brighter! Decorated with vibrant stars and rosettes, this Bright Summer Buttercream Cake is exploding with color. Using two simple piping techniques and a variety of decorating tips, you can create a stunning cake that will impress friends and family alike. Use it to celebrate an upcoming birthday or anniversary, or simply showcase your amazing skills at your next family gathering or dinner party. An easy cake for those looking to practice piping rosettes and stars, this Bright Summer Buttercream Cake is ready for any party!
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool three cake layers. Trim one layer to 1 in. high. Fill and stack layers for 5 in. high cake.

    Lightly ice outside of cake using white icing.

  2. Tint icing. Divide remaining icing into 7 portions. Tint 6 portions red, dark pink, yellow, purple, teal and coral using color combinations provided. Combine Christmas Red and Orange icing colors to get red color shown. Combine Rose and a touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get dark pink color shown. Combine Golden Yellow and a touch of Lemon Yellow icing colors to get yellow color shown. Combine Violet and Burgundy icing colors to get purple color shown. Combine Teal and a touch of Ivory and Kelly Green icing colors to get teal color shown. Combine Rose and Orange icing colors to get coral color shown. Using Rose icing color, tint remaining portion bright pink.
  3. Decorate cake. Prepare decorating bags as follows:

    • Tip 1M – stripe bag with dark pink and red icing
    • Tip 21 – yellow icing
    • Tip 32 – purple icing
    • Tip 2D – teal icing
    • Tip 4B – bright pink icing
    • Tip 12 – coral icing

    Using prepared bags, cover cake with various rosettes and stars.


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