Sprinkle-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Sprinkle-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

The annual Easter egg hunt is about to get a lot sweeter with these sprinkle-filled chocolate eggs. Learn how to make them using our Petite Easter Egg Mold and Light Cocoa Candy Melts. Make sure to stash them in hard to find places, then watch as kids squeal with excitement once they find them and take a bite.
  • AmountAbout 18-20


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  1. Make candy shells.

    Melt Candy Melts, reserving 1/4 cup. Spoon into Petite Easter Egg Mold, filling to the top of each cavity. For ease, fill up to 4 at a time. Refrigerate about 2 minutes, then immediately turn over and drip chocolate onto parchment paper. Once excess chocolate is done dripping, turn over and clean up the edges. Refrigerate until set, about 15 minutes.

  2. Fill.

    Pour assorted sprinkles and sugars into a bowl and mix. Unmold candy shells and fill half of them with 1 teaspoon of sprinkles mix. Place reserved candy melts into a parchment triangle, cut a small hole in tip. Pipe around the edge of filled eggs, then top with empty shell to form a full egg. If needed, wipe excess off with finger. Make sure all seams are joined and smooth.

  3. Chill until set, about 5 minutes.


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