Intestine & Brain Cupcakes

Intestine & Brain Cupcakes

These Intestine & Brain Cupcakes aren’t for the easily squeamish, but they sure are a lot of fun to make and to pass out to family and friends around Halloween! A delicious cupcake mix of your choosing is topped off with a layer of white frosting and then either a little brain or small intestine. If you’re looking for a truly unique batch of Halloween treats this season, especially for adults or older kids, this recipe just might be perfect!
  • Prep1 hr
  • Total Time3 hr 30 min
  • Skill LevelIntermediate


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  1. Bake Cupcakes: Prepare cupcakes according to cake recipe instructions. Line muffin pan with black baking liners; fill with batter, bake and cool completely until they’re room temperature.
  2. Prepare Tinted Frosting: Tint 1 cup of white icing combining creamy peach icing color and brown to get peach color shown for brains. Tint 1 cup white icing using red-red, rose and brown to get dark red color shown for intestines.
  3. Prepare three decorating bags, one with tip 4 and peach brain color, one with tip 1A and peach brain color, plus one with tip 8 and dark red intestine color.
  4. With tapered spatula and white icing, smooth ice each cupcake.
  5. For brains: On half of the tops of the cupcakes, using peach icing and tip 1A, pipe a 1 ¼-inch rounded, oval-shaped mound in center. Use tip 4 and peach icing to outline each half of brain, then pipe zig zags to fill in.
  6. For intestines: On remaining cupcakes, pipe intestines using continuous elongated beads to create overlapping loops that look like slightly squiggly lines. Chill cupcakes until icing is firm. Mix ½ cup of piping gel with red-red and a touch of brown icing color to make it a dark, blood red. Apply gel to the intestines with a brush.


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