Holiday Stripes Christmas Cake

Holiday Stripes Christmas Cake

Impress your Christmas guests with this cheerful striped cake! The bright and bold stripes put a fun twist on holiday colors, while your favorite sprinkles add a distinctly Christmas touch. Use chocolate cake and peppermint icing for a wintery delight, or mix things up with your favorite flavor combination.
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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake mix according to recipe instructions. Bake three 6-inch cake layers. Trim, fill and stack for 6 in. high cake. Ice smooth in white icing.
  2. Create grooves. Use squared notch icing comb to comb sides of cake.
  3. Tint icing. Tint 1/2 cup icing each light teal, light pink and dark pink using color combinations provided. Combine Teal with a touch of Kelly Green for light teal shown. Combine Christmas Red with a touch of Red-Red for light pink shown. Combine Christmas Red, Red-Red and a touch of Lemon Yellow for dark pink shown. Using Teal icing color, tint 1/2 cup icing dark teal. Reserve remaining icing white.
  4. Prepare piping bags. Place in disposable decorating bags. Cut 3/4 in. off tips of bags for a 1/4 in. opening. Pipe alternating colors in the grooves of the icing. Smooth cake sides with icing smoother.
  5. Decorate cake. Use tweezers to attach Sprinkles and Sugar Pearls along the white areas of the cake.
  6. Pipe top swirls. Place white icing in disposable bag with tip 1M. Pipe swirls around top border. Add jimmies sprinkles to swirls.


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