Zesty Orange Cupcakes

Zesty Orange Cupcakes

Fill your kitchen with the zesty smells of summer citrus with these Zesty Orange Cupcakes Recipe. Made using a simple white cake mix and the Color Right Performance Color System, these homemade cupcakes have a fun marbled design and are topped with a delicious homemade buttercream frosting. A tasty treat for bridal showers, birthday parties or just a sweet way to wrap up a summer BBQ, these light and refreshing orange cupcakes are quick, simple and easy to make.


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  1. Bake cupcakes.Prepare cupcake batter following recipe instructions. Remove 1¼ cups batter. Using Orange Color Right base color, tint batter medium orange.

    Fill cupcake pan with white batter. Add small amount orange batter to each cavity, using toothpick to gently swirl colors together.

    Bake and cool.

  2. Prepare icing. Prepare Orange Buttercream icing following recipe instructions. Using spatula, ice cupcakes.
  3. Decorate cupcakes.Top iced cupcakes with white nonpareils. Garnish with paper straw, if desired.


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