Walk on the Wild Side Macarons

Walk on the Wild Side Macarons

Your family will go wild for these fun decorated macarons! These delicate, crispy cookies are fun to decorate with FoodWriter markers and Color Dust decorating powder to create spots and stripes. Use our bold icing colors to create bright hues that evoke wild animals and fine-tipped food safe markers to create detailed designs.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Prepare Cookies. Prepare cookie batter following recipe instructions. Using Orange and Golden Yellow icing colors, tint 1/3 of the batter orange, 1/3 golden yellow and reserve remaining batter white.

    Prepare cookie pan with parchment paper. Prepare 3 decorating bags with tip 12. Fill separately with orange, yellow and white batter. Following recipe instructions, pipe, bake and cool cookies.

  2. Decorate cookies. Use FoodWriter markers, decorating brushes and Color Dust to create animal patterns on half of the orange, yellow and white cookies.

    Tiger Print:Use Black FoodWriter marker on orange macarons to draw and fill in tiger stripes.

    Brown leopard print: Use Brown FoodWriter marker on yellow macarons to draw random dots. Lightly brush over brown spots with brush dampened with clear vanilla extract to lighten the color. Using Black FoodWriter marker, draw outline around each dot.

    Repeat technique for Grey leopard print, using Black FoodWriter to draw dots on white macarons, then lightening them with vanilla extract. Draw outline around spots using Black FoodWriter.

    Pink Leopard Print: Use Red FoodWriter marker to draw random dots. Lighten them with vanilla extract. Using Black FoodWriter marker, draw outline around each dot.

    White Leopard Print: Use Black FoodWriter marker to outline spots on white macarons.

  3. Fill cookies. Prepare decorating bag with tip 5 and white buttercream. Assemble macarons.


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