Sweet Surprise Candy Cookies

Sweet Surprise Candy Cookies

Cover store-bought sandwich cookies in pastel-colored candy for an Easter treat that echoes the colors of spring. Simple piped lines give these treats a clean, modern look that makes them appropriate for everything from Easter baskets to baby showers.


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  1. Melt and color candy. Melt bright white candy. Reserve ¼ cup white. Combine Blue and Violet candy colors to get blue color shown. Use Green and a touch of Blue candy colors to get green color shown. Using the color combinations provided, tint equal parts of remaining melted white candy in blue, green, yellow and pink.
  2. Cover cookies. Place each color in a disposable decorating bag and use scissors to cut a small hole in the tip of each bag, about 1/8 in. Place cookies on cooling grid and place parchment paper underneath. Pipe candy over cookies, covering them entirely. Tap to remove excess candy. Use spatula to move to a parchment-covered board. Chill until set, 10-15 min.
  3. Pipe candy designs. Use a cut disposable decorating bag filled with reserved melted white candy to pipe the lines and dots on each cookie as shown. Chill until set, 10-15 min.


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