Spring Garland Cake

Spring Garland Cake

Jump into spring with this Spring Garland Cake. Decorated with lovely fondant flowers, this cake is great for birthdays and wedding showers alike. Use Color Dust to add a life-like highlight to your flowers and leaves, then arrange them in a garland around the cake for a striking dessert that us blooming with color! You can see this cake and many more in the How to Decorate with Fondant Shapes and Cut-Outs kit, filled with lots of tutorials, inspiration and even a few must-have tools to make your treats bloom.
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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Trim one layer to 2 in. high. Fill and stack layers for 5 in. high cake.

    Place cake on platter. Ice smooth.

  2. Tint fondant. Tint 2 oz. fondant each yellow, lime green, mint green, teal, dusty rose, pink and dark orange using color combinations provided. Combine Lemon Yellow and touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get yellow color shown. Combine Lemon Yellow and Sky Blue icing colors to get lime green color shown. Combine Kelly Green and touch of Lemon Yellow icing colors to get mint green color shown. Combine Teal, Sky Blue, Kelly Green and touch of Black icing colors to get teal color shown. Combine Rose and Kelly Green icing colors to get dusty rose color shown. Combine Rose, Red-Red and touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get pink color shown. Combine Orange, Rose, Red-Red and Lemon Yellow icing colors to get dark orange color shown.
  3. Cut out flowers. Using fondant roller with pink guide rings, roll out each color fondant separately (reserving mint green and teal fondant for later step). Using small and large flower cut-outs, cut out flowers.

    Using shaping foam and ball tool, press in center of each flower (large ball tool on large flowers, small ball tool on small flowers).

    Using fondant roller with pink guide rings, roll out reserved mint green and teal fondant, separately. Using leaf cut-out, cut out leaves in both colors.

    Using remaining yellow fondant, roll out 1/16 in. balls, one for each flower.

  4. Make fondant roses. Using remaining pink and lavender fondant, make large and small fondant roses using ribbon rose technique.
  5. Decorate flowers and leaves. Using decorating brush, dust Goldenrod Color Dust in center of lime green flowers. Dust Goldenrod Color Dust on mint green and teal leaves, only dusting half of the leaf. Dust Pink Color Dust in centers and on petals of all other flowers. Using damp brush, attach flower center to each flower.
  6. Decorate cake. Using toothpick, lightly divide cake into six sections. Attach flowers and leaves in garland design around top of cake, about 1½ in. from top. Add remaining flowers and leaves around base of cake.


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