Halloween Haunted House #1

Halloween Haunted House #1

Add a bit of fright to your Halloween night as you decorate this chocolate cookie house! Kids and adults will have a frightening good time creating a scene with a haunted house, trees and a tombstone!
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Make front door. Use orange icing to fill in door. Pat smooth. Use black icing to outline door. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick and cut window. Attach to door and outline using black icing. Attach candy for doorknob and above door.
  2. Make all windows. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick and cut two windows for front, one for each side and two for back. Attach windows and outline windows and panes in black icing. Attach candy above windows
  3. Decorate house front. Cut gumdrops in half and attach under eaves. Use orange icing to pipe pumpkin under window; attach candy for stem and use black icing to pipe facial features.
  4. Decorate roof. Use gray icing to ice roof; pull spatula over roof to create texture. Attach candy sticks to front eaves and roof peak. For the moon, flatten remaining yellow fondant into a circle. Set aside to dry. When dry, attach moon to back of house with icing.
  5. Decorate trees. Use black icing to fill in trees, use spatula to imprint bark. Attach candy. Attach easels to back.
  6. Decorate tombstone. Use orange icing to pipe message. Attach candy.
  7. Decorate base. Ice base. Attach candy for pathway.


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