Enchanted Energy Cake

Enchanted Energy Cake

Glowing with golden fault lines and sparkling candy crystals, this Enchanted Energy Cake is a wonder to behold. Red, Lavender and Blue Candy Melts candy are melted and carved to create these sparkling gems, then they're arranged in a sprinkle-covered mound to add enticing energy to your fault line cake. A striking dessert to make for a birthday or anniversary, this Enchanted Energy Cake is sure to impress your guests!
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  1. One day in advance, make candy crystals. Divide Lavender candy into 3 equal 6 oz. portions. Melt 3 portions Lavender, Red and Blue candy, separately, according to package directions.

    Using candy colors, tint melted candy as follows:

    • Red – melted Red Candy Melts candy + Red and Black candy colors
    • Blue – melted Blue Candy Melts candy + Blue and Black candy colors
    • Pink – melted Lavender Candy Melts candy + Pink and Violet candy colors
    • Purple – melted Lavender Candy Melts candy + Violet and Pink candy colors
    • Deep Purple – melted Lavender Candy Melts candy + Violet, Blue and Black candy colors

    Pour melted candy into mini loaf pan (one color per cavity). Chill until set, about 20 to 30 minutes.

    Using large chef knife, cut candy into thirds (along the long end). Using a smaller paring knife, chip away candy to form crystal shapes.

    Tap small amount of glitter spray onto waxed paper or in small bowl. Using an angled decorating brush, dust edges and corners of candy crystals with glitter spray.

  2. Bake cake. Prepare cake mix following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Level layers to 2½ in. high. Fill and stack for 5 in. high cake. Using white buttercream, crumb coat cake.
  3. Make white section of cake. Using angled spatula, make band of white icing around center of cake. Immediately cover white icing with white sparkling sugar.
  4. Make black section of cake. Using Black icing color, tint 3 cups icing black. Using spatula, spread black icing in thick layer around bottom and top of cake, leaving middle section white. Using icing smoother, smooth black icing.
  5. Paint gold lines. Using square-headed decorating brush and gold metallic paint, dab gold paint along edges of black icing. Paint cracked lines on bottom and top of cake.
  6. Assemble crystals. Prepare rice cereal treats following recipe instructions. Using 2 cups treat mixture, make one large (3 in. across) and one small (2 in. across) mound of cereal treats, keeping base of mounds flat.

    Using any remaining melted candy, attach crystals to rice cereal treat mounds, building mound around crystals as needed.

    Using decorating brush, cover remaining area of rice cereal treats in piping gel. Immediately cover in gold sugars. Use gold metallic paint to cover up any areas around the candy crystals.

  7. Decorate cake. Using remaining black buttercream, attach large mound to top of cake and smaller mound to board or cake plate.


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