Elegant Hydrangea Cake

Elegant Hydrangea Cake

Whether you're making a cake for a birthday, shower or wedding, this Elegant Hydrangea Cake is sure to impress. Decorated with stunning buttercream flowers, this cake is the perfect marriage between elegance and class.
  • AmountAbout 32 servings


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  1. NEEDED: See the Supply List for our buttercream recipe, techniques, plus items you can purchase here. You will also need:
    • Your favorite cake recipe or mix (16 cups batter needed)
    • Tape
  2. Bake cakes. Use your favorite cake recipe or mix to make 16 cups of batter, then bake and cool two 6 inch and two 8 inch cake layers.
  3. Make and tint icing. Make buttercream icing following recipe instructions, making a total of 20 cups. Tint five cups icing light green by combining Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, and Ivory. Tint two cups icing light blue by combining Royal Blue and Violet, and two cups icing dark blue by adding more Royal Blue and Violet. Reserve remaining icing white.
  4. Ice and stack cakes. Level, fill and stack 6 inch cakes for a 6 inch high cake on same size cake circle; repeat for 8 inch cakes for a 6 inch high cake on foil-wrapped cake circle.

    Place 6 inch cake on turntable. Using 13 inch spatula, ice cake, leaving spatula marks in icing, on sides and top of cake. Ice 8 inch cake. Prepare cake for stacked construction. Stack 6 inch cake on top of 8 inch cake.

    Using decorating bag with 3/4 inch tip cut off, pipe mound of stiff icing on top of and down front of 6 inch cake for base of flowers.

  5. Decorating cake. Prepare decorating bag with tip 1B. Using 9 inch spatula, stripe decorating bag with light green, light blue and dark blue icing. Fill center of bag with light green icing. Cover entire bottom cake and icing mound with drop flowers.

    Hint: You will need to re-stripe a new decorating bag every time you refill the icing.


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