Cookie Birdhouse

Cookie Birdhouse

Create a springtime memory and a new holiday tradition by getting the family together to bake, build and decorate a cookie birdhouse. Construction is easy, using the birdhouse patterns, the roll-out cookie recipe and royal icing recipe. Makes a great centerpiece (and dessert) for your Easter dessert table.


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  1. Make cookie panels. Prepare cookie dough following recipe directions. Roll out 1/8 in. thick Use patterns to cut out two of each panel. Use round cutter “D” to cut opening in front of house. Bake and cool.
  2. Prepare royal icing. Make 2 recipes royal icing following recipe. Combine Sky Blue with a little Kelly Green for blue shown. Combine Kelly Green with a little Sky Blue for green shown. Divide icing and tint ¼ cup blue, 1 cup green, and 2 cups yellow. Reserve 1 cup white. Thin 1 ½ cups yellow icing. Thin ½ cup white icing.
  3. Ice panels. Use thinned yellow icing and tip 2 to outline and flow in front and back house panels and two side panels. Use tip 12 and green icing to pipe a 1 in. long stripe on parchment paper for perch. Let dry 24 hours.
  4. Decorate house front. Use FoodWriter edible color marker and flower cutter from set to trace flower outline on front. Use tip 2 and thinned white icing to outline and flow in icing. Let dry 4 hours.
  5. Assemble house. Use tip 5 and full-strength yellow icing to assemble house. Pipe lines of icing on inside edges of front, attach both side pieces. Repeat to attach back. Let dry 30 minutes. Pipe icing on edges of peaked front and back and side panels. Position one roof panel. Pipe icing on inside edge of roof peak and position second roof panel. Let dry 1 hour before further decorating.
  6. Outline house. Use tip 2 and full-strength white icing to pipe beads at corners of house and under eaves.
  7. Decorate roof. Fit decorating bag with tip 104. Spatula stripe bag with blue icing. Fill bag with green icing. Begin at bottom edge of roof and pipe rows of petals.

    Use tip 2 and full-strength white icing to pipe beads on eaves and on roof peak.

  8. Attach perch. Use full-strength yellow icing and tip 5 to pipe a dot under opening on front. Attach perch.


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