Cereal Treat Elmo Snack

Cereal Treat Elmo Snack

Kids of all ages love cereal treats, and these fun Cereal Treat Elmo Snacks are great for Sesame Street fans of all ages. Simple and easy to make, these cereal snacks make fun alternatives to sweeter treats and are very easy to create using the Sesame Street Cookie Cutter Set. Use your favorite cereal treat recipe and watch kids smile with delight when they see these cute Cereal Treat Elmo Snacks!
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  1. Prepare cereal treats. Prepare rice cereal treat recipe following recipe instructions. Using Red-Red and Rose icing colors, tint marshmallow mixture red before adding cereal. Add cereal and press into 13 in. x 9 in. pan. Let set 30 minutes.
  2. Cut out treats. Using Elmo cutter, cut out 12 cereal treats.
  3. Decorate treats. Prepare decorating bag with white icing. Snip small hole in tip of bag. Using white icing, attach eyes to cereal treat. Divide remaining white icing in half. Using icing colors, tint half orange and half black.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 8 and orange icing; pipe nose. Prepare second decorating with tip 5 and black icing. Outline and fill in mouth. Use finger dipped in cornstarch to pat down icing.


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