Celebrate Something Sweet Pops

Celebrate Something Sweet Pops

Every day is a reason to celebrate something! Share a special moment or just find a reason to treat yourself with these Celebrate Something Sweet Pops. Made using an assortment of sprinkles and a variety of Candy Melts candy, these pops are quick and easy treats for kids, or make great edible favors for spring parties or celebrations. This is also a great way to use up any leftover Candy Melts or sprinkles you might have lying around from previous projects!
  • AmountAbout 20 pops


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  1. Prepare sprinkle mix.

    Combine sprinkles in small bowl. Mix should be about ½ cup.

  2. Melt candy.

    Melt candy, individually, according to package instructions. Pour into individual decorating bags. Keep warm on warming tray, if using.

  3. Make pops.

    Working with one bag at a time, cut small tip in bag. Pipe round circle, about 2½ in., on parchment paper-covered board. Rotate about 1 ½ in. of lollipop stick into candy. Tap to even out candy. Immediately sprinkle mix over candy. Repeat for a total of four pops in each color.

    Chill pops until set, about 5 to 10 minutes.


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